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Training Overview

Our experts host a range of online training courses from essential computer skills/software applications to more advanced training to prepare for various IT certifications. We also offer webinars on a variety of topics to help you improve your software skills, learn about desired topics, obtain tips from industry professionals, etc. However, if you require customized or one on one training, we have programs to accommodate these too!

Why We Are The Best!

  • Certified instructors with both industry and teaching experience

  • Focus on both conceptual knowledge as well as functional application

  • Cutting edge technology platform consisting of video lectures, simulations, and tests on predefined courses

Additional Training Options

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One On One Training

We are available for one on one sessions conducted online via web conference. These are good for those that want individualized attention or tutoring. (Pricing: $50/hr; Bundle discounts also available)

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Custom Group Training

We are available to develop customized training sessions or speaking engagements tailored to your needs. These can be conducted online or in person. (Pricing: Based on needs)
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What is a typical course like?2018-11-27T19:00:15+00:00

A typical course is broken into modules consisting of a series of activities such as: watching videos, reading material, conducting simulations, and/or taking quizzes. Our courses are great for those that want the benefit of being able to go through the material at their own pace and whenever they want.

What do I receive once completing a course?2018-11-23T21:20:44+00:00

Upon completing all courses, you will receive a certificate of completion from Key 2 Tech. In addition, for certain courses (A+, Network+, and Security+) you will have the option to take a TestOut certification exam included with your purchase (note this is different than the industry certification). Our certification prep courses are designed to give you the knowledge and resources to pass industry certification exams; however, you will still need to contact a testing center to take these exams.

How long do I have access to the course?2018-11-27T19:00:47+00:00

From the date of purchase, you have access to the course for 12-months.

How does one on one training work?2018-11-27T19:14:08+00:00

One on one training can be used for coaching, training, tutoring, and/or more!  To request a training session, you would start off by sending us a message describing your training needs.  Next we would work with you to determine what day/time works best for you.  From there, we would send you an invoice for the allotted time and a meeting invite containing a link to a web conference to be used for call.  On the day of the meeting, you would call the conference number and click on the web conference link in the meeting invite.  At this point, we will be able to talk, see each other (if needed), and share each other’s screen for the training session.

How does custom group training work?2018-11-27T19:35:20+00:00

This consists of group training sessions, workshops, and/or speaking engagements.  To begin, you would reach out to let us know the topics you would like covered, tentative date/time (including duration), approximate number of people, and location.  From there we will evaluate your needs, answer any questions, schedule a date, and provide a quote.  We would then conduct the training on the day of the training!

What topics do you provide training on?2018-12-04T21:43:20+00:00

We are available for training/workshops on software such as the Microsoft Office suite including dedicated sessions on Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, and/or Project. In addition, we conduct speaking engagements/training for topics related to project management, web development, digital marketing, entrepreneurship/small business ownership, home automation, IT Careers, and more (see sample course outlines). Lastly, we we are here for tutoring on any of the courses that we offer. If you need training on any other topic not listed here, please reach out to us!

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