Social Media Management




Do you wonder what is a tweet? What is a scope? How long can a status be? Don’t be confused anymore.

Dr. Renee prescribes the right remedy for you or your business. She offers private social media coaching sessions via Skype and Google Hangout to help you understand social networking websites and how to build your brand, your business and your bank accounts.

Her trainings are ideal for any individual, blogger, or small business owner that needs to understand how to use social networking websites for their personal knowledge, to market a product / service or launch and manage a successful social media marketing campaign.


The benefits of getting a private social media coaching training from Dr. Renee:

  • Customized social media training to your needs / learning level
  • Integrates marketing tips regarding your business / industry
  • Detailed explanation of the social networking tool
  • Best Practices and How to manage easier
  • Follow Up Support for questions that arise after training

What We Do

What We Do

  • Create engagement using original articles and photography
  • We respond to likes, comments & questions
  • Engage with your fans & clients
  • Send company inquiries directly to you
  • We funnel sales questions to appropriate person

Where we do it

  • We choose the social channels that work best for you, based on your business
  • Channels we use: Facebook, FB Live, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Periscope


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